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Quality and Detail


Exceptional quality is what drives our business and why clients fall in love with our work. From ideation to installation, attention to every detail is paramount. We focus on four key elements to arrive at outstanding results.


1. Design


Author Alina Wheeler said, “Design is intelligence made visual.” We agree. In that vein, careful reflection and consideration of the multitude of factors affecting a design is our forte: the flow of the space, configuration, integration with other home elements, desired functionality, and detailing.


Beyond these important elements, we also address the intangible: a human connection and emotional attachment to the look and feel. This is the true art of design—one in which we embrace fully.


2. Craft


“For the artisan, the craft is an end in itself. For you, the artist, craft is the vehicle for expressing your vision. Craft is the visible edge of art.” – David Bayles


Yes, our team has the experience and specialized skills in cabinetmaking. They operate within well-defined standards and processes. But they also have pure devotion to the art form. Our pride in our craftsmanship is demonstrated every day in the positive, upbeat space where the team works in unison to build a beautiful product.


3. Materials


Like a vintner selects the best grapes for her winemaking, we carefully hand-pick materials that bring the design to life. Materials impact both form and function.


How durable is the wood? What type of feeling does the grain provide? What finish brings out the depth, texture, and beauty of the material?


These questions and more go into choosing the material that will provide the ideal outcome.



4. Installation


There are many moving parts of a renovation—multiple contractors in several stages of demo and build. Given our attention to detail in communication as well as the design and build process, installation becomes a breeze. You can be comforted in that we minimize any necessary work onsite and instead focus on carefully placing and attaching all cabinet elements based on exact specifications.

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