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Why J Style At Home

Who we are


J Style at Home Inc. is a family-owned business co-founded by Janina Cabrera and Cristian Cabrera (siblings) in 2006. Honoring the old-world craft of cabinetmaking, we provide comprehensive interior design, full custom wood cabinet and furniture manufacturing, and re-facing and installation of cabinetry.


Located in Brisbane, CA, J Style at Home has established itself as a unique company with an exceptional reputation. Our team is comprised of a passionate group of artisan craftsmen. To our clients, we offer warmth, care, and dedication to meet their distinctive desires. In our work, we are committed to the fine craftsmanship of pieces that amplify the beauty of space.


We believe in respecting the environment. We use a high percentage of Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified woods, reclaimed woods, and rapidly renewable materials. We also believe that durability is perhaps the most important factor in sustainability. Our products last.


At J Style at Home, we are committed to the art form of cabinetmaking. For each unique project, our exceptional work demonstrates this commitment.



Janina Cabrera – Janina is the principal interior designer and oversees sales/customer relationships. A certified interior designer with more than eight years of experience in kitchen and bath design, Janina holds an Interior Design degree. Janina’s passion for design inspired her to travel abroad extensively to see and connect with the art and architecture of European, Asian and Latin American cultures. Her sharp eye for design, warm way of connecting with clients, and unique ability to transform their dreams into reality make her an ideal partner. Janina’s education includes home architect CAD programs, Title 24 (California code of regulations), space planning, color psychology, and architectural drawings.


Cristian Cabrera - Cristian is the co-owner/founder and CEO of J Style at Home. He manages strategic operations and marketing planning. He has a BS in Economics from the University of Mobile, Alabama, and is a California licensed contractor (C-6) with five years of industry experience. Cristian oversees the manufacturing facility floor, job site installations, procurement, financial management, and marketing.

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