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Why J Style At Home

How we work with you


A successful project requires an interdisciplinary process and a skilled team. At J-Style at Home, our experts collaborate closely…

with you,

your architect,

your general contractor,

and your designer.


From concept to creation, producing your cabinetry takes place in our expanded, state-of-the-art facility. This five-step process is paramount to outstanding results for your project:


1. Project Design  – We meet with you and your designer in our modern studio, complete with a library of materials and a meeting room to discuss and plan design. If you’re not already working with a designer or architect, our design team can listen to your vision; consider the character of the existing structures, requested functionality, and the context created by the surroundings; and present options such as millwork, trim, crown and base molding, door style, wood species, and finishes. We’ll create technical plans by our engineering department and three-dimensional renderings for your design through a collaborative process.

2. Fabrication – After the design is complete and shop drawings approved, the magic occurs in our production facility. With the latest high-tech machinery and ultra-skilled hands of our 2nd and 3rd generation craftsmen, your pieces are built.


3. Finish – In our atmosphere-controlled “Spray Room,” we meticulously apply consistent, brilliant finishes of any color, sheen, and custom stain.


4. Staging – A unique experience few cabinetmakers provide, we create a complete set-up of your design. You can examine the quality, verify measurements, interact with the features, and request any needed refinements–all before installation.


5. Delivery and Installation – When all components are approved and perfected, we’ll package, transfer, and install your cabinetry based on the architectural specifications.



Warranty: J Style at Home offers high-quality cabinetry and strives to ensure satisfaction. Unless otherwise noted, our 6-year limited warranty protects against defects in material or workmanship and covers both labor and materials. Because our cabinetry is made locally in the San Francisco Bay Area, our in-house technicians can take care of any issues precisely and efficiently. This warranty has the following exclusions and/or others noted per purchase contract: 1. Damages not caused by J Style at Home, Inc. personnel 2. Defects arising from improper storage or installation. 3. Expected changes in the wood color due to natural aging or mellowing of the wood and finish caused by exposure to sunlight or artificial light. It is an inherent feature of all wood products and finishes. 4. Damage or defects caused by negligence or abuse 5. Damage caused by normal wear and tear.

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